A Very Flexible Girl


Ryo-chanRyo-chan was back and in good form Saturday night at Kinbaku Live Night at Studio SIX. Only 22 years old, she showed the audience once again just what she’s made of. I think it’s rubber. Take a look at the gallery to see what I mean. I couldn’t make it in this time but Osada Steve informed me that Ryo-chan brought along a cute Chinese dress in which to pose as she was being roped up. I knew I should have passed on that karaoke sing-along. But I happen to be partial to Aiko-chan, so hopefully I’ll get a second chance at the Chinese dress thing. And speaking of Aiko-chan, Steve’s patron was back in town last week. This is the private collector who, whenever he has business in Tokyo, makes an appointment at Studio SIX for a personal shoot.

He usually emails Steve some photos in advance of various positions he’d like to see re-enacted while he records things in high definition. He must be a satisfied customer because, well, these private shoots don’t come cheap.

And he’s been setting them up for a long time now. He does have one condition: There must be a different model each time. So, this time it was Aiko-chan’s turn to be stripped and bound for the pleasure of The Patron.

I have a few photos from that shoot as well which I’ll be sharing with you in a future post.

Now, mark your calendars. There will be no Kinbaku Live Night at Studio SIX next week. Osada Steve and Asagi Ageha will be performing in Osaka. The next Studio SIX event will be on April 12. Also, Steve will be in Germany from May 10 to June 5. Here is Steve’s schedule for the foreseeable future:

April 1-10: Kujo OS Osaka (40 shows)

April 15-30: 2nd Annual Shibari Clinic Tokyo (waiting list)

May 10-June 5: Six workshops at Osada Kinbaku Dojo Berlin

June 8-13: Hamageki Yokohama (20 shows)

Kinbaku Live Night at Studio SIX will be held April 12, 19 and 26.

Osada Steve Kinbaku Workshops, Berlin

May 12-16 (Mon-Fri)
Workshop I – 15:00-18:00
Workshop II – 19:00-22:00

May 17-18 (Sat/Sun)
Individual lessons (waiting list)

May 19-23 (Mon-Fri)
Workshop I – 15:00-18:00
Workshop II – 19:00-22:00

May 24-25 (Sat/Sun)
Individual lessons (waiting list)

May 26-30 (Mon-Fri)
Workshop I – 15:00-18:00
Workshop II – 19:00-22:00

June 1-4 (Sun-Wed)
Individual lessons

There are a lot of details concerning these workshops I’m not re-printing here. It appears that most or all of the workshops require at least an intermediate level of shibari skill and by this Steve means “several years” of tying experience or prior training in the Osada-ryu style. The workshops in Berlin require attendance at the previous workshops or previous training. The Tokyo clinic is an invitational event, intensive in nature and requires an advanced level of expertise.

If you happen to be in the neighborhood and would like to attend one of Steve’s clinics, it would probably be best to click on this link first.

When he’s not on the road performing or giving workshops, Steve does give one-on-one training to individuals of all skill levels at the dojo. Contact him at the above link.


GALLERY — Flexible Girl (Ryo-chan at Studio SIX)


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