Tiger (虎) Gets Bamboo (竹)


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The following report was sent in by NuitdeTokyo.
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I just happened to pop into Studio SIX the other Saturday night (to attend the weekly Kinbaku Live, to be exact), and was treated to a nice performance by Osada Steve (長田スティーブ) working his magic on tiger-tattooed aiko-chan (愛子).
Towards the end of the four-hour marathon session, Osada Steve placed the model on a sake barrel and tied her in a restrictive teppo shibari (鉄砲縛り) (version “A” where you start by tying the wrists together first, not to be confused with the “B” version where you would first tie the arms individually in the Yukimura Haruki (雪村春樹) style). This caused a finely arched back with full chest exposure. When the maestro gently commanded aiko-chan to spread her legs so that we could all take a closer look at her private parts, there was some hesitation, some blushing (which nicely enhanced the glowing colors of the tiger tattoo) . . . and nothing happened . . .
This in turn caused Osada Steve to apply one of his patented obedience training techniques, and so we were treated to a very rare whipping and bamboo stick beating until aiko-chan finally gave us the view we all wanted so much. But not after yelping and squealing more befitting a little puppy seal rather than a tiger. If this night deserves a headline, it would be “Tiger forced into total submission.”
“That was very intense,” gasped the single female in the audience, while aiko-chan was still licking her wounds and collapsing exhausted on the floor.

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