Candle Light (蝋燭責め) Night @ Studio SIX



The day Ronald Reagan got elected in 1981, I was coming out of the jungle at Mae Hong Son (one of the angles of the Golden Triangle) and saw a fresh copy of The Bangkok Post. My American travel companion wryly explained, “That’s what they mean when they say ‘anybody’ can become President of the US of A”.

Well, not ‘anybody’ can become a model @ Studio SIX Tokyo. It takes a special type of woman to make the grade. To assure that visitors get their money’s worth, eager model aspirants first need to make it beyond the casting couch — jumping hoops and proving their mettle. No pain, no gain — as they say. If you plunk down $300 to see Osada Steve @ work (which is about 3 times the cost as the next best deal), the last thing you want to see is some actress at the home stretch of her career. You want to see the real deal: a young woman, a beautiful woman, a ‘hot’ woman that melts (as) wax, a true submissive — nothing less.

And that’s what you get @ Studio SIX.

Due to popular demand you now can get it Saturday AND Wednesday nights. Un-ADULT-e-rated kinbaku (緊縛) , shibari (縛り), SM.

Keep an eye on upcoming events and be dazzled.

If you prefer to watch without being seen, or if regular Studio SIX events conflict with your schedule, send an e-mail and arrange for a private night.


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  1. Someday, I’ll watch the show…promised 😉
    I admit your claim only to present the most beautiful women. And aiko-chan is one that really does it!

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