Futomomo-zuri @ Studio SIX Tokyo



Having been around the Japanese pro shibari circuit for a few years by now, I have witnessed more than a few fads or trends. The latest fashion is suspending your subs by the thigh — well, actually by one leg closed (as opposed to opened). The term for this shibari kata is futomomo-zuri.There are several ways to achieve this. From a standing position, from a kneeling position, or from within a suspension progression. Either with or without a supporting “nawa pantsu”. Regardless of how you go about, the ensuing suspension is quite taxing on the sub. It’s for this reason, that you won’t see this too often. But that might also be the reason why it’s so popular on the pro circuit in Japan these days. ‘Coz either the bakushi has figured out a comfortable (read: safe) way to accomplish this, or he has trained his sub so well, that she can stand abuse of the highest order. In the first case the bakushi will earn the laurels. In the latter case the sub will.To see for yourself whether the first or the latter is the case, pay a visit to Studio SIX Tokyo on any given Wednesday (billed as Kinbaku Live Platinum) or any given Saturday (billed as Kinbaku Live Black Label).


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