Gachinko (ガチンコ) @ Studio SIX Tokyo


緊縛 長田スティーブ

Gachinko (ガチンコ) stands for “the real deal”. The real deal is a euphemism for “no holds barred”. So, what you will get on Saturday, August 8, at Kinbaku Live Night @ Studio SIX is a genuine 4-hour slave training with an amateur sub asking for more — and more, and more. Though, towards the end of the night she will be begging for mercy. 🙂

If you wish to watch a young (21-year-old) woman to get what she has cuming, see for details and make reservations early. As evidenced by the photos, this woman is well endowed and ready for some serious abuse — administered the old-fashioned way: a good deal of spanking, pain and despair, and a lot of rope. 🙂

To be enjoyed THIS Saturday, August 8, at Studio SIX Tokyo.


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