Gyaku-ebi-zuri — 逆海老吊り



The gyaku-ebi-zuri (逆海老吊り), aka face-down suspension, aka Japanese hogtie suspension, aka blablabla is a strange animal. On the one hand, everybody is doing it. And if you reside in metabolic areas where fast food is the daily diet, this tie usually results in a sack-of-potatoes suspension. On the other hand, if you choose and train your models well, it may — on occasion — result in something graceful and beautiful to look at.


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  1. …oh so true! ^^
    I.e. Agehasan; Aikochan; graceful, exquisite, delicate though ‘tough’, audacious, and a delight to watch in your ropes!

    (?…the ultimate way to encourage incarnated ‘fastfood-fressers’ to submit to seaweed-rice-aso for new diet: a single experience of your japanese beauties in ropes?

    The paradox though: that it takes chokolate to refuel the Maestro Schlemmer Uncle! ^.-)

    Do thank you for keeping up spirit & bringing it to Europe!