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Sugiura Norio

Rope by Osada Steve ——- Photo by Sugiura Norio


Nuit de Tokyo reports:

Not long ago I posted about a Sugiura Norio (杉浦則夫) photo shoot featuring Asagi Ageha (浅葱アゲハ). That shoot was significant in that it provided me with the opportunity to discover the benefits of fur-lined socks to guard against icy tatami mats.

Now, with those socks on my feet, I am once again privileged to report on yet another such shoot. And again I was the fluffer as well as the rope coiler for Osada Steve (長田スティーブ). Though it all happened towards the end of March, the old pawnshop-cum-studio was as cold as ever, read: it was freezing as usual . . . until the action got hot.

This time the model was a bit on the chubby side, so Sugiura-sensei declared it a special shoot for the chubby fetishists among his fans. (I think the images speak for themselves to present a good picture of what qualifies as chubby in the Land of the Rising Sun.)

Coincidentally, Ms Chubby has already appeared in another post on this blog about a year ago.

I suspect the choice of today’s lady originated with the fellow from Sanwa Shuppan (三和出版), the Kinbaku publishing company – judging by the fact that he was fawning over her for the full 10 hours plus after-party. I should be forever grateful to him, because it was he who introduced me to the only fur sock shop in town.

Undeniably a little extra flesh is allowing the rope to bite so much better. Osada Steve was in his element, and he found ever more devilish ways to make the extra pounds stand out.

The day started with Ms Chubby assuming the role of a rather well-fed housewife, soon to become ensnared in a rope trap. As she was consecutively stripped of her clothes, her fondness for mouth gags soon became clear – and almost every scene found her gagged with either rope or tenugui (手拭い).

Sugiura Norio

At one point, when her legs were expertly spread by rope with the help of a bamboo pole, a suitably sized vibrator found its way into her loins, then aptly secured by an assortment of weighted metal clamps attached to the labia. For good measure, further clamps were applied to all the softer parts of the body (read: everywhere), the ensuing pain resulting in plenty of moans.

“The chubby maniacs are going to love this,” Sugiura-sensei said enthusiastically, cranking up the frequency of shutter releases quite a few notches.

I imagine the model would have appreciated the esthetic side of the photos, though I got the impression she was more concerned about how to deal with the pain from the clamps and the wobbling dildo between her legs.
As is customary with those Sugiura shoots, the final scenes entailed strict suspension progressions and were played out in the kura (倉). This was the ideal setting for Osada Steve to prove that he is equally adapt at doing tsuri (吊り) on heavy women as he is with butterfly-class models.

After an eternity of air time where Ms Chubby was put through her paces, she was finally released on her own recognizance. As soon as the last rope was off, she went on her knees in customary seiza position, demurely bowed and thanked the maestro.

A nice gesture, I thought. And proof that the lady enjoyed the entire ten hours of torment to the fullest.

Sugiura Norio

Sugiura Norio

Sugiura Norio


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