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NuitdeTokyo writes:

In Tokyo it is that very special time of the year between Golden Week and the rainy season where the weather is just perfect. The sun is shining, neither too hot nor too cold, no humidity in the air, crisp evenings, and all the pretty girls in mini skirts . . . So it was a good time to hit the rope trail with Osada Steve (長田スティーブ).

It all started on Sunday where we managed to get invited to Nureki Chimuo (濡木痴夢男) sensei’s re-opening of Kinbiken, the legendary rope appreciation society, that is now being revived after a 10-year hiatus.

Osada Steve came with Master K’s latest book The Beauty Of Kinbaku which was widely appreciated by a large number of people taking notes to buy their own copies from Sun Shop in Akihabara which, by the way, also carries the original Osada Steve Shibari & Kinbaku Rope. As one meet member commented, “kuwashii (which means “detailed” but is normally used with the implied meaning of “holy cow”), this foreign author knows a lot more about the history of Kinbaku than I do.”

Anyway, we were treated to Kanbaku (the term Nureki sensei uses in preference to Kinbaku) and various suspension (吊り, tsuri) in the Nureki ryu. Apart from the model (早乙女宏美, Saotome Hiromi), there were two girls among the visitors who fought for the right to get tied up. Unfairly, the one with the biggest tits did win. That’s when we learned the delicate art of chikubi (乳首, nipple) torture administered with your toes. (Recipe: tie the woman to a wooden pillar, let simmer for about 20 minutes while talking dirty to her and shaming her, then remove her bra, put her on the ground, and start pinching with mighty force.)

Osada Steve was frequently interrogated by Nureki sensei on what he thought of the various Nureki ryu techniques as they unfolded.

Nureki sensei has a nice way of getting audience participation, as some members were regularly called upon to assist by holding the model’s body up in order to produce ever more stunning suspension positions. In other words, we were treated to some tsuri that you won’t usually see, as it takes more than one person to do these successfully.

After the Kinbiken meet we rushed back to Studio SIX for a private appointment with the delightfully voluptuous Myu-chan, who had applied for a special Kinbaku session. While Osada Steve put her though her paces, I took a few snaps. Perhaps I should add that Myu-chan not only got rope, but about two hours worth of whipping, as both Osada Steve and I felt very generous that eve – I guess it was the prior Kanbaku by Nureki sensei that had put us into the proper mood.

I had to leave on business the next morning, but I was back in Tokyo on Wednesday in time to attend the inauguration of the new Kinbaku Light attractions at Studio SIX.

On Thursday it was to be another action-packed day, as we first paid a visit to Yukimura Haruki (雪村 春樹) to show us the Yukimura ryu version of chikubi (nipple) play. Of course there are many different ways and styles to torment these sensitive regions – and we were shown a more refined variety that afternoon, involving customized strings/threads. Suffice to say that with our visits to Yukimura Haruki it is always a hands-on experience. So the lovely lady on site ended up having six hands on her – not to mention rope and customized strings/threads. The highlight was when Yukimura sensei cranked out some special weights to add to the chikubi strings so we could sit back and watch the model cum several times.

We then had to rush over to Kanda to catch up with juli-chan of Studio SIX fame. We met at a high-class sushi restaurant where the chef is a great fan of Osada Steve’s work (or shall I say “art”?). We were treated to a very rare delicacy called shiroi amaebi (a kind of white shrimp). Since preparation of this type of sushi takes a true master chef to accomplish, you will only find it in very few restaurants in Japan. Of course this was not the only sushi we had. Another outstanding treat was the biggest uni (sea urchin) sushi I have ever had in my life.

Since we were dining in a private VIP tatami room, it crossed my mind to arrange for a little nyotaimori – having the sushi served on juli-chan’s completely naked and luxurious body. However, we were pressed for time, as we had an appointment with Gachan, a prominent figure in the SM world, who is also sitting on the organizing committee of the Kabukicho Deluxe SM Takai events. We wanted to interview Gachan tonight, and juli-chan was to be our interpreter.

So off we went to Shinjuku to listen to the amazing stories Gachan had to tell – starting with his first SM experiences during WWII. In those days and for quite some years thereafter, people had yet to hear about the SSC (safe, sane, consensual) concept. As Gachan reminisces: “One day, in the 1950s, I went to an angula (underground) bar and got tied by a Mistress to a cross. But before she could start whipping the hell out of me, a strong earthquake happened and everyone rushed outside. Nobody bothered to return, so I spent the entire night alone – tied naked to that cross.” There were also quite a few “accidents” in those times, with people ending up dead. No doubt more details of this, and other stories about the good old times, will soon find a space in Osada Steve’s print publishing empire – as well as online.

After about two hours of chatting/interviewing we (the delectable juli-chan, the experienced and battle-hardened Gachan, Osada Steve and me) decided to visit Markiss – one of the more angula (underground) places in town. Markiss is a place where “anything” can happen.

Well, I can assure you that for the remainder of the night not only “anything” but for the better part “everything” (read: EVERY imaginable depraved perversity DID happen). Since this blog/site is targeted at the Kinbaku crowd, I’ll leave it to your imagination what I meant with “everything”, and I’ll just report on the rope stuff.

To stay with the theme of this post, I mentioned to Gachan the various schools of chikubi play. Now, in Japan, regular customers to hostess clubs, kabakura (cabaret clubs), angula (underground) clubs, and what-not-clubs are usually opting for a “bottle keep”. That’s to say, they pay by the bottle (of expensive liquor) rather than by the glass. Since it’s a bit of a challenge to finish off a bottle of V.S.O.P all in one night, the bar will keep the bottle (with your name on it) until you return. Now, in Gachan’s case, he not only has a “bottle keep” at Markiss, but also an “omocha (toy) keep”. Gachan, being one of the main protagonists of the Tokyo SM scene, has, of course, MANY toys to keep in a place like Markiss. I’d call it “toy bag keep” in English – but I don’t know the Japanese for this at the moment.

Upon hearing of my quest to study as many traditional Japanese schools of chikubi zeme (nipple torture) as possible, Gachan courteously asked the mama-san to bring over his “omocha keep” bag to reveal a customized chikubi toy. At first sight it looked like one of those hangers for trousers. But upon closer inspection it contained some fiendish modifications that only a truly perverted mind – or a person with 60+ years of SM experience could have come up with.

As soon as this toy was cranked out, Tomomi-chan (a Studio SIX model of six years ago) offered her topless body to be experimented on. I took this as an invitation to do as she wished, but complimented it with some Shibari and, for good measure, a very harsh spanking and whipping. This, in turn, had all the other ladies in the house congregating around me, offering their buttocks and chests. Of course, I couldn’t resist, so I obliged.

This, in turn, got Osada Steve all worked up, and he jumped on Juli-chan (his number one Studio SIX girl, the one we almost could have used for a nyotaimori sushi session a few hours earlier). But by that time the entire house was drunk (some guest/member was celebrating his birthday and had sprung for a case of champagne), so nobody but me would notice that Juli-chan came about thrice while being suspended in the center of the establishment.

When Markiss closed down for the night at five in the morning, a lot of the lady customers were still yelping, while most of the male members were passed out on the sofas. I’d say it was an eventful day, and a very wet night. But if you latch on to Osada Steve for a little tour, this is what you’d expect.

Come Friday, and I joined Osada Steve at Roppongi Jail. They sat us with a new young lady – it was only her third day on the job. Never been tied up, until mama-san propositioned Osada Steve to give the fresh sub a taste of his rope. Turns out that the lady, who goes by the name of Nancy, has some background in classic ballet, so she held up quite well in the ensuing suspension. As is customary when tied by Osada Steve, the girl came thrice.

On Saturday, there will be, of course, Kinbaku Live Night @ Studio SIX (also known as 4-hour Kinbaku marathon) – so this will round up a full week of chikubi and rope for me, except for the two days that I had spent abroad.



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