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Today’s report was sent in by an alert reader and deals with the comings and goings one June in Yokohama.
What is significant is the fact that our own Osada Steve had been taking part on three out of the ten days of that “art” festival as previously reported here. We are not exactly sure whether what follows could qualify as an official translation of the Japanese-language report posted by the theater at the time. In any case, today’s report is dealing with just one of approximately 150 to 200 performances during those ten days.

Useful hint: If you find the individual photos here too small, take screen shots, drop them into a viewer program, and zoom up.


Day 6

June 9, 2008
Genre: Lesbian SM Show
Name of show: Dance Lesson
Duration: 35 minutes
Participants: 2 performers plus plenty of customers

The scenario is rather simple and straight to the point: In her quest to become a ballerina, Little Miss Pretty is being tormented by a very strict female instructor.
As a special stretching exercise she is tied into a strict ballerina pose: the toes of one foot hardly touching the floor, the rest of her body fixed to an overhead suspension point.
She bravely endures this torturous position, her left heel fixed to the back of her head, legs widely spread apart, as the stage slowly rotates to offer a good view of her private parts from all angles.
After a few minutes, Little Miss Pretty is released, only to get her arms bound behind her back and her head dunked into a bucket of water, providing her with plenty of time to reflect on herself.
To help improve the student’s hip flexibility, the teacher then forces Little Miss Pretty on her back, spreads her legs, inserts a vibrator between her loins, whips her good, and drips hot candle wax on the student’s young and unprotected skin.
This highly effective training method is likely to be adopted by many dance instructors worldwide who specialize in dealing with young, single women in need of discipline.
But innovation doesn’t stop here. The sadistic instructress is now handing out rings made of rope, so that spectators can try throwing these over the shaft of the vibrator that is still sticking out between Little Miss Pretty’s legs. Spectators with a history of playing quoits will clearly be at a scoring advantage. Those whose rope rings lodge over the wobbling “ringer” are promised a reward that involves individual coaching of Little Miss Pretty in a love room behind the stage; in industry parlance this is called complimentary ‘pink service’. Whether this service involves lodging the customers’ live ones into Little Miss Pretty’s loins will mainly depend on the eagerness and vigor of both parties (the receiver as well as the giver).
Naturally, many customers are eager to assist the student’s progress as an aspiring ballerina. While Little Miss Pretty is bravely shaking her hips, the wobbling vibrator inside her becomes a hard target. When all the rings had been thrown, only two spectators successfully lodged.
The instructress isn’t satisfied that Little Miss Pretty has learned her lesson, yet. So, after strapping on a dildo, she is showing Little Miss Pretty a few more thrusts of her own – lesbian style. She then makes Little Miss Pretty crawl to the love booth behind the stage, beckoning the two winning spectators to follow and collect their rewards.
The “Dance Lesson” show will be repeated two more times that day. Many customers are probably wondering whether “Hip Flex Training” show would be a better name. But regardless of how this act is billed, spectators will be able to witness the progress of the student over the course of the day. Will Little Miss Pretty develop enough flexibility and shaking skills to avoid the flying rope rings? Or will she be exhausted by nightfall, rendering her useless for love-making until sunrise at least?


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