Studio SIX Report 07/01/20


I’ve been out of the loop recently and can’t give you a lot of info about last week’s Studio SIX. My editing duties take top priority right now and I’m so far behind I’m devoting every minute I have to trying to get somewhat on top of things here.

That said, I’m sure most of you would rather just see the pics than slog through a lot of verbiage from me anyway, so below are a few pics that showed up in my Inbox one day.

This lovely lady flew into Tokyo especially to appear as Steve’s model last Saturday night and for a video shoot the following day. She looks like a great model. Hope I’m there the next time she’s in town.

One of the problems is that I’m going on a business trip in a few days. I’ve had to make all those arrangements while working on a couple of difficult projects. One was the Randa Mai live show at the Wakamatsu strip theater. That one’s done by the way. It should be appearing over at before too long. The other one I will tell you about soon in an upcoming post.

While I’m on the subject of Studio SIX, I’ll have some interesting posts coming soon just about Steve’s dojo in the middle of Tokyo. A gallery is coming with old photos taken by Drachenmann which show Osada Eikichi sensei performing at the grand opening of Studio SIX. Drachenmann, a rope master from Germany, makes yearly pilgrimages to Japan and knows more about Tokyo than I do. He has also written an article about the event which will appear along with the gallery.

I’ll get all this stuff up before I take off. Then it will be dark for about a week, then I’ll be back with bigger and better stuff.

Here you go:




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