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Drachenmann My first trip to Tokyo in April, 2000 came at the invitation of Osada Steve. That visit coincided with the grand opening of Studio SIX, the place that Steve had just bought for a million dollars, and that was to become the home base for his mentor, the venerable Japanese bondage great-grandmaster, Osada Eikichi.

One section of what originally had been meant as Steve’s private photo studio had the false ceiling removed to accommodate suspension points for the ensuing Shibari shows.

Another section housed what Steve described as his machine park but to me it looked more like a junkyard. Yet another section was full of props and dresses for fashion photography.

There was a makeshift stage with black curtains and some basic stage lights, about a dozen chairs, and plenty of standing room in the peanut gallery.

This being the opening day, there was a certain buzz in the house, with Osada sensei and Steve putting up the final touches, while Kazumi (Osada sensei’s show partner) doubled as door bitch and cashier.

This being my first visit to Japan, I didn’t understand a word of what was going on and I grew more and more excited as I somehow felt that I would be a witness to history in the making.

When Osada sensei checked his wig, and neatly arranged his ropes and toys, I knew the show would soon begin. The music started, and Kazumi appeared in a red and white kimono, looking like a shy girl lost in the forest. Before long, master Osada came up and suspended Kazumi with a few flicks of his wrists at lighting speed. One suspension followed another in quick succession. Hot wax, chains, whips, clamps, and all sorts of nasty toys were put to good use. But all the while the ropes were flying as if they had a life of their own.

I was extremely baffled by the way each bondage turned out in the looks department. To me the rope was applied in a haphazard fashion, lacking a certain neatness. Steve later explained to me that this was kuzushi nawa, a style meant to produce an un-studious, casual look. Well, back in 2000, a poorly done bondage and a creme de la creme kuzushi bondage looked all the same to me.

After the show, Steve introduced me to the guests and I gave a little speech about SM in Europe. Just to show I also knew a thing or two about bondage, I then did a little demo on Kazumi.

Osada sensei then broke in a young woman who had come to experience her first bondage session. That was followed by a couple of other impromptu performances by some of the invited guests.

Towards the end of the evening Steve mentioned that I had a heavily pierced penis, so all the women suddenly showed a keen interest in what was under my pants. I finally obliged and showed them my jewels, and there were many oohs and aahs. One Mistress was so impressed that she became my slave that night.

It was a great day and I have been spending several weeks in Tokyo every year ever since. In the meantime, Osada Steve continues to run Studio SIX in honor of his mentor and sensei, Osada Eikichi.

Suffice to say that when in Tokyo I am giving performances on various stages, but being on stage at Studio SIX has always been the most enjoyable for me.

Matthias aka Ryu-Jin

A big thanks to Matthias for filing this report. Visit his site at www.bondageproject.com.


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