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I just got back in town on Friday. Several hours on the plane and another couple of hours on the limousine bus getting home from the airport and I needed a few days to recuperate.

The traffic going through the center of Tokyo was a real bitch. It doesn’t help that there are only two lanes on the so-called expressway. Next time I think I’ll take the train.

Fortunately, I got hold of two reports from Thomas about the goings-ons at Studio SIX while I was away. I hope he doesn’t mind if I quote him extensively here.

But before I forget, I put up a gallery of some of the photos taken at these two events so have a look.

Kiku-chan was on hand and, according to Thomas, she didn’t have her boyfriend along this time, the one who looks like “the fifth Beatle.”

Steve started out with some newaza, combined with some humiliating pushes and kicks to get her into the right mood. As was the case the last time, she obviously relaxed when she was blindfolded and gagged…She needs a strong hand sometimes and, according to her own statement, the pure expectation of the next rope or blow or whiplash thrills her the most.

The first session took nearly one hour. It is astonishing what Kiku-san can endure. She did three sessions with an overall length of two hours and 50 minutes…After the first hour of knotting, pushing, shoving and thrilling her she deserved her break, especially since the second performance was a teppo-zuri that made her cry…

The following week, it was newcomer Kaori-chan:

The third session, one of the longest ones I have ever seen at Studio SIX, was awesome! Finally, the suspension was granted her and she really was very far away in the moment when she was dangling from the ceiling. After she returned to the ground, she got some more whipping and, finally, Steve spilled some water on her body…It is amazing how the dripping of some small drops of water can make a human body shiver with excitement!

From this report, it does sound like Kaori-chan went into sub-space as Steve is fond of saying.

Afterwards Steve admitted that he nearly got carried away with this girl, which I can understand. She was an amateur and had all the qualities that I saw when Kiku first entered the studio. Amateurs are a special treat and I am looking forward to seeing Kaori again. I think she discovered some real new things tonight and she definitely craves for more…

Try to get your hands on the rather spontaneous interview she did with one of the Japanese guests tonight about what she felt during the sessions. It is revealing and very rare to get a direct first-hand report from an amateur model!

This was a two-camera shoot which should be interesting when it goes up on or or one of Steve’s other sites. When you’re shooting with just one camera you have a couple of options: you can stay put and slowly zoom in and out every now and then or you can jump around getting all sorts of different angles.

I can tell you that the latter will wear you out after three or four hours. But with two cameras, there is a lot more flexibility in the editing studio.

I missed these two great performances in person but I’ll probably get a chance to see them when I edit the footage. You’ll be able to see them when they’re Web-ready but I’ll probably post some pics before then.

In the meantime, don’t miss the gallery of the still photos.

I had a good trip but it’s always nice to get back home and, after being here for so long, it does feel like this is my home. Crowded trains and two-lane “expressways” notwithstanding, Tokyo is a great place. And where else can you watch Osada Steve rope up cute girls on a weekly basis?



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