Hogtied Pays a Visit to Japan


Whenever possible, I’ll open the bamboo curtain and let you know what’s happening behind the scenes of the SM world in Japan.

Awhile ago I received a ton of pics from Osada Steve which were taken by a crew that came over to Japan last year to shoot material for Hogtied and Water Bondage.

Steve secured the appropriate facilities for these shoots and I’m including a gallery here of several of the photos which were taken at that time. The photos and videos were subsequently published on the aforementioned U.S. Websites.

One of the facilities used was an old Japanese-style house situated in a non-descript, residential neighborhood in Tokyo which is often rented out to movie companies. Steve took me by this place once and it really is quite impressive. Tatami mats and lots of wood beams and posts throughout. In short, an ideal location for shooting a Japanese SM flick. I’m sure I saw this house used in a Randa Mai video.

Another place came equipped with a swimming pool and Japanese-style bath — perfect for dunking the girls and spraying them with water.

The Hogtied crew came equipped with two professional high definition cameras and a plethora of bondage/fetish equipment such as dildos, nipple clamps, stocks, etc. I’ve been a little curious about the reactions of the customs people at the airport upon seeing all this gear.

Besides the obligatory SM shoots, the crew also conducted some very interesting interviews with Osada Steve and the models.

Enjoy the gallery and stay tuned for more behind the scenes action.



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