Suspension of Disbelief


Asagi Ageha I think I’m losing my marbles. I downloaded the photos for the gallery of the most recent Kinbaku Live Night at Studio SIX to my laptop. Then I promptly forgot about them. Then I complained that I didn’t have any pics. Then I realized that I had the photos all along, just on the wrong computer.

All is well now and the most recent gallery is up, so have a look.

Studio SIX was graced with the presence of the incomparable Asagi Ageha. In addition to being Steve’s Numero Uno, she also has her own gig as a self-tying bondage performer and she put on this show as one of the sets over the course of the evening. This is a tantalizing show. The musical accompaniment is dramatic to say the least and her movements are well-timed and choreographed.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but she was performing a few months ago in another part of Japan and just the tips she received after the show would’ve paid my rent. And this is in the land of no tipping. She has admirers all over Japan and her fans lavish gifts upon her wherever she goes.

Ageha is also a graphic artist, has a business selling corsets and, last I heard, was a college student.

I’m going to plagiarize Thomas’s report again. Actually, I’m just going to copy and paste the whole thing:

Last Saturday, Ageha showed once more that she is one of the most beautiful and adorable models at Studio SIX. The previous week, Steve delivered a marathon with three sessions that were about an hour. This time we hit another record: Six sessions in one single evening! Whenever Ageha appears on stage, it is time for Shibari in its purest form. It does not take more than the rope itself to make her fly. Therefore, it is always a special pleasure for me to watch her on stage.

Recently, Steve has been working with a new pattern of newaza, tying the girl’s hands and feet together and fixing it at the suspension point. That way, he can still move the model’s body around a bit to bring her into favorable positions while still making her helpless. It is a nice and interesting way to warm up and get things started.

But Ageha’s true qualities show best in suspensions. Therefore, the guests (as well as myself) were able to enjoy four suspension-based sessions, each about twenty minutes. As depicted in the pictures, Steve’s ropework was very delicate and the complicated yet pragmatic patterns were striking and fascinating.

In the last session, Ageha presented her self-bondage. Those of you who have never before seen it should definitely get over here and check this out live. It is breathtaking to watch her body stretch and move, using the restraints as the basis for her acrobatic twisting and turning. In spite of the restraints
holding her in the air, she seems free. At the same time struggling against the rope, but being with it, using it and interacting with it in a very special way.

The first time of an amateur model is great. But Ageha, with all her experience and her passion for ropes, has some qualities that obviously took a long time to develop.

Once again, a big thank you to Thomas for his report. We also have Thomas to thank for the photos. Did I mention they can be found in the gallery?



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