Shooting an SM Video


Shooting videos of naked and bound girls. It sounds like it would be great, but it’s not all fun and games. In fact, it’s a lot of hard work. First, you have to procure the right model. Is this going to be “hard play” or “soft play”?

Then you have to have all your equipment in order. Camera(s), lights, props, etc. It also helps to have a decent location, although, judging from a lot of videos I’ve seen here and abroad, location doesn’t seem to play a very big role for many producers.

Hopefully, you’ll have an experienced cameraman. Since budgets are invariably low, you’re probably not going to have a separate lighting guy so the cameraman needs to double as the lighting expert.

Unless you’re just going to use frame grabs from the video tape to adorn your DVD package, you’ll also need a photographer present.

How are you going to shoot the video? Hand held or on a tripod, i.e., movie style? Hand held is quick and dirty and I’m guessing most producers shoot their videos this way. Shooting from a tripod comes out looking more professional but it’s a pain in the ass to be stopping the action all the time to move the camera around to get different angles. Hand held is preferable to long, unchanging tripod shots.

Watch a TV show sometime and pay attention to how long the camera actually stays on the subject. It ain’t very long. A few seconds before changing to a different angle. Apparently, this is due to the viewer’s limited attention span. Maybe porn is different. Maybe with porn we’re more willing to watch long, drawn-out shots.

Of course, if you have two cameras, this is a big help but it adds to the cost and time in post production.

When I shot my first video, I had fun for the first few hours. However, by the end of the day (eight hour shoot) I was exhausted and a complete wreck. I was thinking to myself: “I never want to do this again.” I never thought I’d feel that way but I did. Of course, that feeling went away in a couple of days, but…

Here in Japan, the distributors, stores, etc. don’t seem to like one-offs. That is to say, if you put out a video, you’d damned well better follow it up with another (and another) within a reasonable period of time.

If you weren’t already aware, Osada Steve has a big distributor in Japan, KMC, that handles his DVD productions. I remember when he first hammered out this deal. He had to have something like ten videos in the can before distribution could begin! That involved a large initial investment on his part. I’m sure that investment has paid off by now. His DVDs are in literally thousands of shops all over Japan.

I’ve been on a few of the sets and I snapped some of the photos below. The first six are mine, taken with my cell phone camera. I’m in the market for a digital SLR, by the way. The last four pics were taken by other photographers.

These shots were taken in a love hotel not terribly far from Studio SIX. Still, you need to get all your equipment and people over there. Steve’s got some really big, pro lights. They have to be broken down at the studio and then put back together on the set.

This particular hotel has some SM play rooms in the basement. They come equipped with the usual paraphernalia. One nice thing about this room is it has lots of holes in the concrete walls where you can screw in hooks. You just have to make sure you have the right sized threads. That happened to us once. Wrong sized threads, that is.

While we were shooting, we could hear the screams of a guy in the room next door. He had reserved the room for the entire day and his mistress was working him over good. This was right after bonuses had been handed out so naturally we speculated that he was putting his bonus money to good use.

These pictures actually represent three different shoots. Ema appears in the first and last pictures. Pics seven and eight are of Sachi, the most recent shoot. If you look closely at pic number five, you can see some nice legs over on the right. That would be Sumire clad only in a towel.

An all-day video shoot can be back breaking work. But seeing Sumire wrapped up in a towel and then consuming sushi off her prone and naked body makes it all worthwhile.



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