Ichigo Pantsu — Strawberry Cheesecake


Risa-chan Cute little Risa-chan, with her strawberry panties, back by popular demand at Kinbaku Live Night at Studio SIX. I was there for the whole thing. I even bought that new digital SLR I’d mentioned in a previous post just so I could document the event.

Risa-chan did not disappoint and I want to thank Osada Steve for allowing me to crash the party and get all the great pics. I took so many, in fact, that I put them in their own gallery. This is a mega-gallery, bigger than any I’ve put up before. Steve just might kick my ass for putting up so many free photos.

Then again, I took over 300 pictures in all so there are plenty more where these came from when he publishes them at his own site.

Also, the famous Steve Indands was there along with his cutie subby. Steve I. just loves to tie her down naked and spread-eagled and tickle her crazy. Okay, I made that up. Sort of. Anyway, it works for me.

This was a long night with at least four sets. Steve did some great newaza which is what I think he likes best. In fact, he said once in a taped interview that he doesn’t even like suspension techniques all that much (I’m paraphrasing). But like the Rolling Stones, he knows what the fans love and what would a Stones concert be without Satisfaction?

So Steve always satisfies with some thrilling suspension techniques. He even did the one that’s a personal favorite of mine. I believe it’s called teppo-waza. Sorry if I fucked that up. I’ll get it right next time. Anyway, this is where the girl’s arms are behind her back, one from above, one from below. Her ankles are bound to her thighs.

Then she’s hoisted into the air. Steve gives her a little spin and then leaves for a cigarette break. Except he quit smoking so now he just leaves and lets her spin for awhile.

Hell, just go to the gallery and see for yourself.

In other news, I’ll put up Part II of the Osada Steve interview on Monday. We haven’t quite reached the halfway point of March yet so I’m still ahead of the deadline.

Osada Steve is keeping busy pretty much throughout March teaching a group of Westerners the finer points of Nawa Shibari. This is, of course, in addition to every other goddamned thing he does. He’s got so much on his plate, I don’t know how he keeps track of everything.

By the way, that little picture at the top of this post of Risa-chan. That’s your humble servant standing next to her. I’m not going to revolt you by showing you my face. I put my arm around her and instantly popped a woody. Just thought I’d mention it.

And did I mention the gallery?



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