Hot for Teacher


Kiku-chan I still think about her.

I was in the eighth grade. junior high for some of you. She was my Spanish teacher. About 25 years old and 115 pounds. Milky white skin, short blonde hair and a perfect face. She would wear a tight black skirt a few inches above her knees. Her ample tits pressed hard against the straining buttons of her snug white blouse.

Sometimes she would plop her beautiful, perfectly proportioned ass on a countertop above the bookshelves. Her high heels would dangle a few inches off the ground. Her skirt would hike up. She barely kept her knees together. I could now easily see her upper thighs which were encased in sheer stockings held up, no doubt, by a garter belt.

And since she had her knees pointing right at me, I could almost see between her legs. Yes, up there! The dark, mysterious place. My heart was pounding. Like a deer in the headlights I was transfixed, unable to avert my gaze.


WTF? Oh yeah, Ricardo was my name in Spanish class.

“Ricardo! Que hora es?”

“Que hora es?!”  You prick teasing bitch. I’ll tell you what time it is. Time to rip that blouse and bra off, tear your skirt and panties down to your ankles and smack that tight ass of yours good and hard.

Which brings me to Saturday and Kinbaku Live Night at Studio SIX. And speaking of hard, I, for one, had a boner as Kiku-chan played the role of sexy, bespectacled school marm to Osada Steve’s hentai classroom invader.

That was only part of the show. Later on Kiku-chan appeared in a lovely red and white kimono. It didn’t stay on all that long, of course. Before the kimono action started, Kiku-chan remembered to remove her panties since, as we all know, women don’t wear knickers under a kimono.

I got a few good shots and am including them here in this gallery.

Now, if Steve had only been around when I was in the eighth grade.


Edit: Here are a couple more that didn’t make it into the gallery because I had to cut out early.


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