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Kiku-chan Note: The following post is a shameless C & P of a report by Thomas documenting last Saturday’s Kinbaku Live Night at Studio SIX. Photos of the event can be found at the end of the report. Thanks Thomas! — KJ

Finally, after a month, Steve returned to Tokyo and resumed his activities at Studio SIX. By the way, Saturday was Studio SIX’s seventh anniversary. So only three more years and Steve will have to think about something very special to honor the first decade of high class kinbaku performances there! Reserve your seats and bring some cake.

We were honored by the presence of Kiku-chan. Although I have seen her several times I still cannot get enough of her. The last time she was wearing a teacher’s outfit, with suitable glasses. This time, during the first session, she was dressed in a white kimono, making her look like a miko (temple virgin) from a Shinto shrine. Very sexy.

To get her warmed up, Steve started out with a newaza pattern that somehow reminds me of a rodeo competition. At first, he tied her wrists and ankles together. While she was lying down, he used the opportunity to partially remove the kimono and partially reveal some really nice breasts. After that little interlude, he fixed her legs to the
suspension point so that they were raised towards the ceiling. After that. her hands got fixed in the same manner, so that she lay on her back with all fours raised upward. A bit like a little calf that got overwhelmed by a cowboy at a rodeo.

This position enabled him to turn her body to expose every little detail of it to the audience and the two cameras shooting the entire scene. I wonder how hazukashii (ashamed) she might have felt in this situation of helplessness, being exposed to the hands of Steve and to the eyes of all the onlookers. Most probably, she hardly even realized our presence, wrapped in the ropes as well as her own emotions.

The second session contained a chair as a prop. At first, the chair was casually placed in one corner of the studio while Steve started out with an intricate pattern to fix her arms and constrict her body into the rope. Then, she was placed upon the chair with her right foot on it. After fixing her into this position, Steve added a gag and blindfolded her for good measure. Now she sat right in front of us, exposing her most intimate parts while being entirely unable to see or speak… very sexy!

But it got better. While most Japanese bondage models I have encountered at Studio SIX during the last 8 months or so have not been much into pain, Kiku craves a certain amount of discipline. This is one of the reason she is my favorite, I must admit.

After tightly strapping her onto the chair, Steve drew out some broad, red pegs and started to apply them to her nipples, belly and tongue. Due to the gag, her tongue had to be pulled out underneath the cloth at first, a very enjoyable process in itself (at least for the audience).

The advantage of the loosened gag was that we all could hear her muffled whimpering due to the impact of the pegs which were occasionally clipped to different parts of her body and, after being taken away, placed between her legs. After preparing her like that, some good whipping action started, featuring the new flogger Steve got from Steve I.

To make things even more interesting, Kiku had to stand up after partially being freed from the ropes. Therefore, while she was trying not to move or avoid the whiplashes (which would have brought more severe punishment) she was still twisting and turning, always trying to somehow avoid or soften the impact of the whip while still trying to obey her orders not to move. Very enjoyable, indeed!

The third set was another one of my favorite patterns: Teppo-shibari. Teppo-shibari is, as far as I can tell, a rather tricky thing, since the model’s bodyweight has to be dealt with with utmost care in order to avoid severe damage to the shoulder joints. Additionally, it is hard to capture on video and pictures, since the model’s body is stretched high on the x-axis while hardly allowing any extension on the y-axis. So my advice: Look at that kind of pattern live, if you get the chance.

Anyway. Kiku had changed her innocent white dress for a luxurious yellow and orange kimono. Steve took his time fixing her arms in the right position and creating a mind-boggling, intricately-structured pattern on her back. I really like those delicate and ornamental patterns that make it impossible for me to follow the ropes as they
entangle the model.

After having tied her right lower leg to her right upper leg, bending her knee to the maximum extent possible, the “magic moment” was close at hand. As long as the model has at least one foot on the ground, the quality of the suspension is hard to be seen. But after Steve tied the left leg up and made her spin gently around, it became obvious that we saw a true master at work.While holding on to the lower part of the kimono with her mouth (creative substitute for the gag) she was slowly turning, presenting her body from every angle.

The last set was a high class sideways suspension (yoko-zuri) combined with some air-whipping (read: Whipping the model while she is suspended, not whipping air, of course). Yoko-zuri is hard to document due to reasons exactly opposite to the problems with teppo-shibari: While there is hardly any expansion on the y-axis, there is a maximum expansion on the x-axis.

But this time, it became much easier, because of the whipping action. Why? Because Kiku, in the useless attempt to shield herself against the blows, contracted her body as much as possible. It is really one of the most beautiful things to see the girl swinging in the air in a sideways suspension with her body contracted like this.

Ok, this report has become longer than expected, but hopefully you enjoyed reading it!



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