The Patron


Every now and then, a fellow comes in from out of town for the express purpose of hiring Osada Steve to tie and dominate a new model.

I really like this guy. First, he’s friendly. Second, he has good taste. He always insists on a fresh face and usually brings along a list of ties he’d like to see done in the inimitable OS style. And third, he’s a rich guy with good taste. He always brings the best high definition video camera along to memorialize the events. He sticks it on a tripod which allows him to occasionally snap a few pictures with his professional, megapixel digital SLR camera.

Once home, he can relive these precious moments by viewing the shoots on his 65 inch high def television (OK, I made this last part up. I’m not sure it’s 65 inches). I guess if he’s not in the mood for a movie that night, he can always set up a slide show.

Steve calls him his patron.




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