SM Taikai @ Kabukicho DX


Due to the recent earthquake we are interrupting our regular program to report on a number of new developments.

For starters, the previously announced Sugiura Shoot has been canceled and will be rescheduled for March 27.

Likewise, the Tokyo Decadance Bash will be postponed to March 19.

As we are all bracing ourselves for aftershocks the question arises whether to evacuate from Tokyo to avoid inhaling radioactive air from those exploded nuclear power plants up north.

One attraction that is still up and running (though atm completely deserted) is the SM Festival at Kabukicho DX. This is a twice-a-year event held at a strip theater in the Kabukicho district of Shinjuku, Tokyo. It is scheduled to run until March 20, this time.

Our own Osada Steve used to perform at these events, as reported here.

Those in search of art and good taste will not be disappointed by the highly trained and highly skilled performers at these venues. Of course, “anything” could happen at these events.

If we say “anything”, read the following eyewitness report by the same “alert reader” who contributed here on a Yokohama SM Bash before. Pictures with this “report” can be viewed here

Day 1

M-women Battle

The four performers: Dorei, Mifa, Sola, and – not Sido, but – our very own Little Miss Pretty.

During the course of the day our four heroines will progress through three separate stages in an attempt to battle for the honor of ‘best submissive’.

Each round’s victor is decided by audience vote. However, as we are about to discover, it’s not so much the winners who are rewarded but the losers as they are the beneficiaries of extra punishment. In this way, therefore, it is not far-fetched to assume that the deck is stacked in ‘favor’ of the hottest girls, enabling them to lose on purpose so that spectators can watch their favorite ‘artiste’ suffer some more.

Round One

Each of the four contestants gives a solo performance.

  1. Dorei, a voluptuous woman with baby fat in all the right places, performs a lewd, decidedly naughty strip-dance where all of her assets are firmly on show.
  2. Mifa, being exceptionally young – not to mention an absolute cutey! – plays to her strengths and performs a cutesy strip, one revealing her fair-skinned body, all executed, as you’d imagine, in the most cutesy of ways.
  3. Sola, the veteran of the quartet, binds herself with rope and engages in a self-suspension act which comprehensively exposes her loins in mid-air.
  4. Little Miss Pretty, attired in a summer kimono, uses a shodo (Japanese calligraphy) brush clasped in her pussy to draw some naughty kanji characters onto white paper sheets laid out on the floor.

The MC then takes to the stage and asks the audience for their votes by calling out the names of each contestant. With about 70+ visitors, the tallying of votes is a simple method of counting raised hands and, as such, is not certified by any electoral monitoring commission.

The results (in descending order of votes received): Dorei, Mifa, Sola, and – not Sido, but – our very own Little Miss Pretty.

Round Two

This time the four contestants offer themselves up to customers hoping to administer some SM and/or provide some ‘rejuvenating injections’, either care of love toys or, indeed, their own appendage.

Should there be more than one applicant keen to violate a particular girl on stage, the successful ‘slave trainer’ is then decided by a game of Janken (effectively, ‘Paper, Scissors, Stone’).

When it’s Little Miss Pretty’s turn to be ravished, hurt, and humiliated, a dozen or more spectators express a wish to dole out punishment her way. It takes a few minutes before the winner is decided: a man in his forties, who happily clambers onto stage.

Without much ado, he quickly strips down to his underpants and then, slowly and purposefully, takes great pleasure in undressing Little Miss Pretty. Next, he forces her onto her back, tying her left ankle with rope to the suspension point so that he can more easily focus his attention on her shaved pussy.

Being the considerate type, for one full revolution of the rotating stage he spreads Little Miss Pretty’s labia with his fingers so that all spectators can get a good look. He then does the finger check routine, firstly inserting his middle finger, soon followed by index and ring fingers. Having then verified the diameter of Little Miss Pretty’s pussy, he selects a like-sized vibrator from Little Miss Pretty’s toy box and wastes little time in getting on with some good, old-fashioned pumping.

All the while, too, the stage continues to rotate, which is no bad thing. What this means is that the rope attached to Little Miss Pretty’s ankle has also been turning, getting more and more twisted in the process, the result being a shortening of the distance between ankle and suspension point. Slowly but steadily, Little Miss Pretty’s left leg has thus been raised until now it’s only her shoulders which are resting on the floor. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the lighting technician, who is also in charge of the button which controls stage rotation.

By the time the technician stops the stage from rotating, Little Miss Pretty’s hips are so high and at such a strange angle with her free leg dangling for balance, that our lucky ‘slave trainer’, earlier plucked from the audience, would have a hard time lodging his member inside her without causing himself some major grief. Unsurprisingly, he elects to pull her left leg down instead… although this is easier said than done!

After quite some struggle to unwind the rope and unhook the karabiner, time’s already up and the customer has been denied his chance of perpetuating his lineage.

Little Miss Pretty, too, seems disappointed, as she has failed to satisfy the basic primal needs of the customer . . . and, as a result, is unlikely to win this particular round and – even worse – likely not to score better than fourth place.

Round Three

In the third and final round of the M-women battle, the four contestants once again offer themselves up to customers.

In Little Miss Pretty’s case, one lucky audience member, having fended off half-a-dozen other competitors for the privilege of exclusive rights to her body, firstly collars and chains Little Miss Pretty like a dog, then takes her from behind with a vibrator. Not allowing her to climax, the customer commands her to stay on all fours while whipping her long and hard, administering the pain she deserves and leaving her marked and bruised.

Poor Little Miss Pretty. She has certainly had enough for the day.

But her 28-minute stage time isn’t yet up.

Before long the customer has forced her onto her back, has spread her legs, and is treating her loins to some good old hot candle wax torture.

After this encounter, all four contestants return to the stage and the female MC again asks the audience for a show of hands to determine the winner.

To little surprise, Little Miss Pretty is declared the loser. As punishment, she must once more offer herself up for violation at the hands of a randomly selected customer.

Bonus Round

Little Miss Pretty, mightily embarrassed at having lost the game, is suddenly very compliant when a middle-aged stranger, dressed down to his underpants, takes his turn at joining her on the rotating stage and proceeds to spread her legs with the explicit intention of filling her with a large-sized vibrator. This being one of the latest Japanese high-tech models, it offers varying speeds and rotating modes; and the customer explores each and every one of them. Each new setting leads to different hip gyrations and, what’s more, to increasingly high-pitched yelps. Little Miss Pretty’s heart-piercing shrills can even be heard in the standing-room-only peanut gallery.

A steady stream of banter ensues from the audience. Some visitors implore a harder and faster thrusting action from the vibrator. While others beg for a repeat of certain rotating modes.

“Let her cum until she passes out!”, someone shouts.

“Don’t let her cum at all!”, suggests another.

“Great job! You’re turning the slut into a real bitch!”, blurts out one man in a coarse voice.

This last contribution quickly being picked up by the crowd, who to a man start repeating it as some kind of mantra, over and over again: “Turn the slut into a bitch!”

Each time Little Miss Pretty would then come, her hips would shake violently.

“Are you ready for me now?”, her tormentor-cum-slave-trainer finally exclaims. But Little Miss Pretty was too far gone to reply. Or perhaps she just wanted him to figure out the answer by himself.

Without much further ado, the customer pulls out his manhood, takes a condom from Little Miss Pretty’s toy box only to then penetrate and hump her like a wild lion, with Little Miss Pretty making like a seal cub with all her subsequent yelping. The man flips her into various positions and finally takes her from behind while spanking her rosy cheeks until they burn red. As he is about to cum, he pulls out, removes the condom, then shoots his load into Little Miss Pretty’s face. “Now suck me clean,” he commands. “Because my wife doesn’t like the smell of bitches and condoms when I walk through the front door after a night out,” he explains to the audience.

After Little Miss Pretty has obediently licked him clean, the customer suddenly realizes that he hasn’t performed any SM on her yet. He quickly goes to select a whip from Little Miss Pretty’s toy box, but there is an announcement over the PA system that time is up. And what a pity! Little Miss Pretty was definitely up for some more torture and abuse.


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